We are a professional, pro-active team with a no nonsense first time right approach!




Experience has shown that, to achieve a successful outcome to any project, it is best to involve the right expertise’s at the earliest stage possible. By calling in our quality engineers and/or certified inspectors at the start of your project, it will directly benefit from the input of our skilled consultants who have significant experience of faults found during the engineering, procurement, construction, completion and start-up phases. The feedback and input from lessons learnt reduces the risk of possible operational or safety and environmental issues during the project completion activities thereby optimizing the opportunity of a timely and flawless facility start-up.


Quality engineers at Q4S are selected to work alone or in a team environment, where flaws are found during Inspections, Q4S engineers will seek for the Solutions and advice accordingly, Q4S has the strength and flexibility to provide the necessary expertise to deliver optimum results on time and within budget.


Experience has proven that technically correct specification for equipment is essential for a successful completion and start-up phase. By offering a procurement service that focuses not just on cost and schedule, but on the correct technical specification, inspection and testing requirements, we aim to ensure that the equipment delivered is functional, fit for purpose and adequately preserved; on time and within budget with any requirement for site modification minimized.


By utilizing the extensive project experience and skills of our engineers, including taking on lessons learned from previous projects, we believe that Q4S can add real value to all stages of your projects, particularly during the engineering, procurement, completions and the start-up phases.